Given its general usage, the term "kaftan" is well-known in the fashion industry but may not be completely understood by everybody. With this "beginners guide to women's kaftan style tops," we break down its description for you and provide information that clarifies what this classic clothing signifies.


A Summary Of Kaftans' History:


Women’s kaftan tops is a name for a pricey clothing item that has been connected with royalty since the Ottoman Empire era and is recognized worldwide. Exotic fabrics and lavish decorations were utilized in the Ottoman-styled kaftans of that era to highlight the uniqueness and fine craftsmanship. At that time, Africa, the Middle East, and Russia were all home to variations of Tunic-type clothing. This symbolized how cozy and fashionable this clothing was, and it has since withstood the test of time.


Fast-forward to the 1970s, when the hippy generation and celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor wore designer kaftans, and the garment became well-known for its comfort appeal and vibrant designs. This later went popular when other well-known designers included kaftans in their summer collections, turning them into a must-have item of clothing for women traveling and generally relaxing at the beach or beside a pool. These colorful contemporary outfits have started to move beyond use as resort-only fashion items into occasion and every day wear. They are typically made with bright, colorful, and unique print designs that reference traditional West, Southwest, and South Asian cultures while fusing with on-trend color palettes and styles.


We will now go a bit deeper into the fundamentals of the kaftan tops for ladies. We will alleviate additional concerns about donning one for the first time with suggested styling advice to simplify things.



Many of you will be concerned about becoming lost in a kaftan, especially given its look of being free-sized and making the most of the fabric. At Shreya Agarwal, we provide fitted kaftans as opposed to the "free size" kaftans that were popular in the past. You may select styles in sizes S(Small) up to 3XL by comparing the size chart we've provided to your dimensions. Consequently, this will highlight your shape without sacrificing flair.


Implement Your Desired Style


In the past, the kaftan top was often loose-fitting and intended for resort and loungewear. As industry pioneers, we have developed several other categories that make it possible for first-time consumers like you to choose a kaftan that meets your requirements. These include kaftan nightgowns, loungewear, beachwear, resort wear, kaftan kurtas, maternity wear, children's clothing, casual wear, and party wear. A kaftan for every possible situation.




Since kaftans are synonymous with comfort, picking the proper material may make all the difference in the world. We generally utilize the best cotton, viscose, satin, and modal materials to provide optimal breathability and comfort. After your first wear, you'll get addicted to them.




The kaftan is a very adaptable garment, despite initially appearing a touch on the plain side. In light of the many kaftans, we manufacture, complete your outfit with the appropriate purse, jewelry, belts, and shoes, depending on the look you want to achieve. There is a kaftan available to match whatever style you like.


As you can see, waftomen's kan-style tops are flexible, fashionable, and cozy clothing items. We hope to have allayed your concerns as a first-time purchase and look forward to your first kaftan-wearing experience with us as a newbie to the world of kaftans!


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December 23, 2022 — shreya agarwal